About Us

cropped-Just-logo.jpgRENG Academy is a leading provider of HR consultancy, training and education services in Malaysia. The Academy offers Talent and Leadership development, Emotional Intelligence, Executive Education for senior management, and Business English courses to meet the needs of the various organisations, communities and individuals.

Established in 1994, RENG Corporation is today one year short of twenty years old. Success has graced this huge holding group comprising companies that are well known for their expertise in design, construction, property development, architecture and technologies. But another glittering string to its bow is the RENG Education Group, which houses two outstanding learning centres called RENG College of Technology and Design and RENG Academy.

RENG Academy operates on two levels namely, the Executive Development Centre (EDC) and the English Language Centre (ELC). Together the Academy offers a strong portfolio comprising executive and management-level programmes, industry-specific corporate training and a remarkable suite of English language programmes that match the needs of a wide swathe of business communities, higher education fraternities and individuals alike.

Our strong alliances give us unique shape, helping to equip us with all the necessary resources. Our English language centre comprises talented teachers and instructor teams, programmers and curriculum designers, planners and writers. They offer the Academy powerful leverage in establishing its presence in the offering of outstanding courses to businesses and individuals. Our professional development partners, on the other hand, provides the Academy with franchise licensing plus a wealth of excellent training and development programmes, many of which are unique and custom tailored to specific industries.




The Academy’s extensive range of education and training programmes are classified under four distinct groups, which are Talents and Leadership Development, Emotional Intelligence, Business English and Executive Education.

  • The Academy’s Executive Development Centre (EDC) oversees Talents and Leadership Development. These comprise programmes that have been specifically designed and developed to assist talents who need to develop and grow to move ahead in their careers.
  • We are the only provider who offers pre-work assessment, TalentSmart proprietary e-Learning portal, and post-work assessment. Our Emotional Intelligence program includes proprietary Goals Tracking and Strategies Development to ensure maximum continuous learning after attending the EQ workshop
  • Another area that the EDC oversees is Executive Education. Currently offering expertise from two of the world’s top management universities, the Academy now features prominent programmes specially tailored for high-level management. These are courses that are ideal for corporate leaders.
  • The undisputed strength of our English Language programmes is clearly based on the Academy’s chosen teaching methods. It’s one thing to say that English is the global lingua franca but it’s quite another to shape training for a satisfying learning experience. To the Academy’s credit, this is precisely what separates us from the others. The Academy’s English Language training is not only designed for individual consumption but also to enhance personal growth and development. Indeed many of the programmes have actually been tailored to also meet the more demanding business environment. Here the Academy’s suite of programmes focuses on different industries where the use of English is as critical as it is necessary.