English Language Centre

Our Objectives

To transfer English language skills to corporate personnel in Malaysia by:

  • integrating proven TESOL teaching approaches, methods and techniques
  • creating a supportive learning environment for executives to speak English confidently
  • providing real life themes that allows executives/professionals to experience the use of correct English grammar in business context
  • providing explicit instructions and practice in writing and speaking using appropriate range of vocabulary and sentence structures

Why choose us?

  1. We have the student’s interest at heart and want them to benefit from their investment of time and money. If students undergo our programme diligently, they will acquire sufficient skills to speak the language confidently
  2. We believe the best way to learn English is the communicative approach. Language is not language if you cannot use it to communicate and as such, our primacy is to achieve an effective transfer of language skills
  3. Our instructors are committed and passionate about teaching. Trained the TESOL way, they diligently maintain the 80:20 principle in our listening and speaking classes
  4. We uphold the phrase, “Learning English is Fun” and hence our classrooms are always lively and interactive
  5. Our principle is also a TESOL instructor who develops and designs the course structure and plans the teaching outline. We adopt a mix of the following approaches in  our English courses such as Eclectic approach, Leaner-Centered Approach, Task Based Approach, Theme-Based Curriculum, Functional-Based Learning, Goal-Oriented Lessons and Skills-Based (Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking)

Our English Instructor

With recognised international qualifications in the Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), our experienced instructors are specialised in teaching Adult English and Business English with some of them having the Certificate of Proficiency in English from  Cambridge University.