English Proficiency Program

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This program is aimed at upgrading the language skills of the participants to the point where they will be comfortable enough to express themselves in the language (depending on her/his present level of proficiency) confidently and to be understood, and at the same time be able to understand other speakers.

There will be an Pre-Assessment Test to check the current level of English proficiency of the target group of employees so that they can be placed in the appropriate level.

The 4 skills of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing will be covered, but the emphasis will depend on the outcome of a Pre-Assessment Test (including a Speaking Test) that will be carried out.  Overall, the program would include:

  • Related Vocabulary
  • Grammar and Sentence Construction
  • Structures
  • Pronunciation
  • Practice in Thinking Aloud
  • Asking Questions and Suggesting

There will be progressive checkpoints during the course and a post course assessment to determine their level of improvement.