Practical English Courses

Practical English Courses are  2-3 days workshop that have been specially designed to develop communication skills as well as improving English Language Skills. The course will focus on practical tips, formats, techniques and approaches for communicating effectively in the workplace.

Main emphasis will be given to improve participants’ communication and writing skills. Participants will also learn how to organize and compose their written messages clearly. In addition, common English Language errors associated with vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation will also be highlighted.

Throughout the course we will identify language relevant to the needs of learners in the workplace. For the most part, that will mean the inclusion of high-frequency language used naturally by proficient users of the language.

Participants will also be evaluated by the trainers in following ways:

  • General assessment based on personality, punctuality, participation, leadership potential
  • Writing skills assessment – through writing tasks which will be marked and the original scripts provided to the HR Group
  • Speaking skills assessment – through presentation and group discussions on a continuous basis

Each participant will receive a certificate, provided they have attended full course and have completed the required number of assessed tasks during the course.