Effective Business Correspondance

In today’s business world where speed is of the essence, communication through writing needs to be concise and precise. Being accurate in the use of words helps you get your message through faster and more effectively. Your writing style and clever use of words would project the image of not only the writer but also the company you come from. Structure and language in a written communication to a large extent determines the impression of your organisation. A poorly organised letter with grammatical mistakes frustrates the reader and gives a poor impression of the organisation.

The 2-day course is designed so that at the end of it the participants are able to write:

  • More effective memos, emails and letters
  • Clearly and in a natural style using simple expressions
  • Letters free of grammatical mistakes
  • Polite non-offensive letters
  • Letters with a wider range of expressions
  • Letters which are well thought out to reflect the standing of the organisation.

Participants would be exposed to strategies of effective writing. The following topics would be covered:

  • Layout/Organisation
  • Subject -Verb Agreement & Use of Tenses
  • Punctuation
  • Accurate terminology
  • Simple straight forward style
  • Appropriate expressions of politeness over a variety of correspondence.