Effective Emails Communication

Emails are often seen as less formal than the printed business letter. However, your language should not be too informal as to forget decorum and overstep invisible boundaries especially where English is an acquired second language. A misuse of language can lead to misunderstanding, embarrassment,  misquotation or a misrepresentation of information and issues at hand. Adhering to certain norms in email etiquette and an adequate proficiency level in English mitigates the problems arising from such situations. The image of the organisation is also affected especially if communication is with an external party. On the other hand, clever use of words would not only facilitate the communication process but also project the image of not only the speaker/writer but also the organisation you come from.

The 2-Day course is designed so that correspondence especially e-mails:

  • Are clear with expressions in a natural and interesting style
  • Are less formal yet polite and non-offensive
  • Have a wider range of expressions/improved vocabulary
  • Facilitate inter-department information flow
  • Give easily understood explanations internal and external clients

Participants would be introduced to:

  • Guidelines on Email etiquette
  • A range of linkers to facilitate expressions
  • Basic grammar skills
  • Punctuation
  • Polite Expressions for Seeking/Giving Information, Making Complaints and answering complaints, Disagreement/Rejecting without offending, Criticisms, Uncertainty, Making Suggestions