Executive Development Centre

Our Objectives

To take our business partners to the next level by:

  • Providing effective training programmes to support their needs and requirements
  • Delivering timely interventions to equip their people to respond proactively to changing trends
  • Enhancing their staffs’ communication, interpersonal and leadership skills in their pursuit of excellence
  • Building innovative leaders and captains of industry through our Leadership Challenge Programme
  • Build talents and effective managers through our modular programme (Building Foundation, Raising the Pillar of Excellence) 

Why choose us?

  1. We are passionate to make a difference in the training and education industry
  2. Our trainers are highly committed to add value and impact lives
  3. Our program can be tailored to reduce your competencies gap, training and development needs, while aligning with your organisational objectives
  4. We exploit both local and global resources to add value to knowledge transfer
  5. We aim to achieve measurable and sustainable results
  6. We are HRDF Registered Training Provider

HRDF Licence