List of Training Programs

Leadership Skills –         Developing the Leader in You

–         Leading by Change (Walk-the-talk)

–         Empowering Work Cultures

–         Empowering Team for Success

–         People Intelligence & Organisational Turnaround

Change Management –         Empowering Minds Changing Cultures

–         Driving Altitude Through Change & Transition Management

Management Skills –         Dynamic Leadership, Management & Supervisory

–         Managing People from the Heart

–         Decision Making Skills

Power Communication –         Enhancing Interpersonal Communication

–         Delivering a WOW Presentation

–         Developing Assertiveness Skills

Thinking Skills  –         Thinking for Work Efficiency (The ABCs of Thinking)

–         Creative Problem Solving

–         Creative Thinking & Innovation

EQ Development –         Social Intelligence & Emotional Management

–         Emotional Intelligence Workforce Cultures

Executive Excellence –         Achieving Innerside Effectiveness

–         Effective Executives (Managing Time. Stress and Expectations)

–         Getting Things Done with Results

Administration Excellence   –         Managing Office for Administration Excellence–         Managing Records for Effective Filing System
Teambuilding –         Teambuilding Synergy Programme

–         ALIGN! Beyond Teambuilding

–         Vibrant Workforce Productivity Revolution

–         Building Effective Team with DiSC

Sales Mastery  –         Build Instant Rapport with NLP–         Cross-selling/Up-selling Skills

–         I can sell too! BREAKTHROUGH

–         Selling to the Decision Making Mind

–         Practical Negotiation Skills

 Effective Secretarial –         Effective Secretarial Practice

–         Professional Grooming & Etiquettes

–         Communicating a Professional Image