Group Founder’s Message


Datuk Richard Eng

My passion has always been to provide learning opportunities for individuals who were not able to pursue a formal or higher education for one reason or another. It is with this in mind that RENG Academy was birthed to complement RENG College.

Through RENG Academy, we open our doors to serve the business community and the individual in two distinct ways.

Our Executive Development Centre will offer effective people development series, corporate training workshops and executive education to equip senior management and working professionals with vital skills to succeed and thrive in the challenging and competitive world of business and commerce.

With the growing prominence of English as the global lingua franca, our English Language Centre is designed to deliver practical English Language courses that effectively transfer the global language of communication to individuals. Our goal is to facilitate the use of English in the workplace.

We are proponents of both good leadership and team work. We believe that the whole sum is greater than the sum of its parts. Today, the group is led by an experienced senior management team from various professional and industry verticals. Some of our key support staff have been with us on this journey from day one – a resounding testament of their condence in our vision of par excellent performance delivery to our customers.