How to Improve One’s English

by Daniel Khoo

Knowing English well puts one at a good advantage to excel. Indeed, nowadays it is not only being able to speak and write in English, but more so the ability to speak and write in good English that is important too.

After all, unpolished English being spoken or written would reduce the person’s ability to be understood by the people around him or her.

What then can a person do to improve his English? Practice is key here, as the idiom goes: practice makes perfect. Studies have shown that kids who converse in English at home and with their friends would be able to learn the language more quickly despite studying in school in another language altogether.

This shows that using English in everyday life helps a lot for mastery of the language. It is the same with adults too. But since given that some may not have the opportunity to constantly use the language as family or friends may not be conversant in English, a person can explore other alternative ways.

Although practicing speaking outside of class is undoubtedly the best way, one can use these alternative methods such as watching the news bulletin in English.

One can also watch English language movies with translated subtitles into the language you are more comfortable with. That way you can slowly adapt your thinking and eventually learn pronunciation as well.

Meanwhile to improve on written English, it is best to read the English newspapers everyday. It may be difficult initially so choose an easier piece to read, such as topics that relates to your work or hobby.

As you ease into being able to sufficiently understand what is printed on the newspaper, do not be afraid to move on to more challenging tasks such as writing your personal diary in English. You can even go a step further by selecting certain diary entries that you don’t mind sharing for your English tutor to check in case of grammatical or structural errors.