Why is English Important in the Workplace

by Daniel Khoo

English has been used for many centuries ago, even though it is not the most spoken language in the world the language is presently the default lingua franca of trade and commerce. And this means that English is the most used language in business, government, commercial and almost any type of official transaction internationally.

You would be surprised that English is not the most widely spoken language in the world, but Mandarin is. This is due to the rise of China which is the most populous country in the world of 1.4 billion people and counting. And China makes up 20% of the world population today, all of whom already speak Mandarin as their mother tongue.

But despite that, English still maintains its lead and status as the language of trade and commerce till today. This is because it is more widely spoken and used by more countries in the world compared to Mandarin where most of its usage is largely confined to the East Asian region.

Given its importance in the international sphere and the highly globalized world economy, it is not a surprise then that English is an important language to master for use at the workplace.

Companies today place a huge emphasis on workers whom are competent in both the written and spoken English language. This can also be the sole determining factor on whether potential job applicants get shortlisted for a particular job vacancy.

A user of the English language would be able to communicate with potential markets out of a company’s home base and will potentially help expand the employers’ reach and profitability as well.

It is no wonder than that China, being the most populous country in the world has seen its citizens rushing to master the English language. Thus indirectly allowing the country to more easily communicate with the outside world!